The DuSable Museum of African American History

Current Exhibits

The DuSable Masterworks Collection Series I: Paintings

Now thru January 16, 2017

Included in the exhibition are paintings by Henry Ossawa Tanner, William A. Harper, William Edouard Scott and Archibald Motley, Jr., among others. This unique, diverse and beautiful collection of work is the first in a series which will allow visitors to engage with the DuSable Museum’s world-class Fine Arts Collection.

“Reflections” by Terrence A. Reese (TAR)

Reflections is an intimate collection of documentary-style photographs of iconic African-Americans whose careers and contributions have addressed the fundamental political, social, and economic barriers and divides that has plagued our country while achieving some of the most highest honors and accolades as an instrument to social change and racial empowerment.

DRAPETOMANIA: Grupo Antillano and the Art of Afro-Cuba

Now thru October 16, 2016

Drapetomanía is a tribute to Grupo Antillano (1978-1983), a suppressed visual arts and cultural movement that privileged the importance of African and Afro-Caribbean influences in the formation of the Cuban nation. Grupo Antillano valiantly proclaimed the centrality of African practices in national culture and saw their work as part of a diasporic conversation on art, race and colonialism.

Freedom, Resistance, and the Journey Toward Equality

One of our largest permanent installations ever highlighting a historical interpretation of the African Diaspora

A Slow Walk to Greatness: The Harold Washington Story

Featuring more than 150 artifacts, including objects, campaign memorabilia, and even archival footage!

Geoffrey & Carmen: A Memoir in Four Movements (Web Exhibition)

If you didn't see the exhibition while it was at the DuSable Museum, experience it through this unique microsite. Includes more than 90 paintings, sculptures, photographs, costumes, books, and designs.

Taking it to the Streets! The DuSable Mobile Museum

The DuSable Mobile Museum is a traveling, interactive exhibit which explores the life and times of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, an African Haitian, who in 1779 became the first non-native person to establish a permanent settlement in Eschikagou, which we now call Chicago.

Red, White, Blue & Black: A History of Blacks in the Armed Services

The call to serve one’s country has always been a distinct significance in conferring the highest claim of citizenship and patriotic responsibility. "Red, White, Blue & Black," highlights a collection of militaria from the DuSable Museum’s permanent collection.

Thomas Miller Mosaics

Contemporary-style mosaic murals by Chicago artist Thomas Miller feature portraits of the eight founders of the DuSable Museum of African American History.

The Freedom Now Mural

Carvings illustrate 400 years of African American history including such notable figures such as Frederick Douglass, W.E.B. DuBois, Mary Mcleod Bethune, and such historical events as the 1831 Nat Turner led slave revolt. Discover the American Civil War Like Never Before

Free Web Exhibition: is an exciting new website for teachers and students to see and learn about the issues, events, and people connected to the Civil War. Visit. Explore. Discover.