The DuSable Museum Department of Education provides programs and curriculum that are designed to entertain, engage, and educate. Our programs are attuned with Illinois and Chicago Academic and Learning Standards and can be useful for educators of students in pre-school through high school and home classes.

Resources for Educators to Use With Students

Educational Programs for Students

DuSable Museum hosts live educational programs that allow students to learn about Black culture and history through performances and dramatic characterizations of African and African American subject matter.

Docent Guided Tours

Educators who bring their classes for a field trip experience can expect to receive an introductory lecture, historical film, a Treasure Hunt Activity for team participation and a guided tour.

For Educators’ Professional Development

Educators Open House

DuSable Museum’s annual Educators Open House provides lectures, workshops and activities to assist educators in using the museum exhibitions and collections as a resource for class studies.

For more information, contact Erica Griffin at 773.947.0600 ext. 224 or email

fd makes nearly 130 works of art from seven Chicago cultural organizations accessible to teachers, parents, and students around the world.

Artist Program

The DuSable Museum of African American History (DSM), is the nation’s oldest independent African American museum. In fulfilling its mission, the DSM maintains an extensive collection of paintings, sculpture, textile artifacts, books, photographs, papers, and memorabilia. Included is a permanent collection of over 800 art works from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) period and the 60s Black Arts Movement. An educational institution, the DSM attracts school groups from Chicago and surrounding areas, in addition to scholars and visitors worldwide. Through exhibits, educational programs, archives, and special events, the Museum continually explores the African American experience and accomplishments of the past and present to further advance the education of the future.

Traditionally, the DSM has offered in-house children’s programming, serving over 50,000 students to date. To reach even more of our target audience, we are expanding to include in-school programs through a new educational program, “Making History Come Alive,” which will use art to educate students about history.

We are currently soliciting seasoned artists and performers to enhance this program. Through programs in the visual, literary, and performing arts; engagement with artists; and the creative integration of educational technology, “Making History Come Alive” will be reflective of the mission of the DSM which is to promote understanding and inspire appreciation of the achievements, contributions, and experiences of African Americans through programs that illustrate African and African American history, culture, and art.

The format for programs will include artists-in residence; single workshops for students, teachers and parents, along with training institutes for teachers of social studies and humanities. All programming must be geared for grades 4-12. In addition, we are looking for matinee performance groups and assembly-formatted programs. Our broad vision will include programming at parks and recreation centers, facilities for seniors or social service agencies, libraries, and various community sites. Other outreach activities are exhibition-related and presented for those who may have difficulty or are unfamiliar with visiting museums.

We are aware that artists work for other organizations; therefore, we are asking that you submit materials created and performed exclusively for DuSable Museum of African American History.

Applications are now being accepted. We are very excited about this new initiative and are seeking artists of all disciplines to work with the program, while becoming a part of the DSM family.

Please be reminded that DSM requires that all performing groups must provide rehearsed understudies for absent members of each ensemble. All artists are required to be present at least one-hour before each performance or workshop. Artists will be compensated.

For more information, contact Erica Griffin at 773.947.0600 ext. 224 or email

Application Review
Artists will be selected by a panel of museum staff members. The selection of artists is based on artistic quality and the ability to work productively within the program.

To Apply
For more information, contact Erica Griffin at 773.947.0600 ext. 224 or email