Winiama Double-Crested Mask

Wood, Pigment ca. 20th Century

H. 29 1/2 x W. 6 3/4 in. approximately

The Winiama people carve several mask types that feature one or two flat, curving, vertical horns paired side-by-side, or rising from the top of the head. The mouths of Winiama masks are usually open oval shapes, with angular corners, broad lips, and barred teeth. The masks of the Winiama mainly depict bush spirits and spiritual beings who adopted animalistic forms. The most frequently portrayed animals are antelope, buffalo, warthog, hornbill, hyena and snake.  The animal depictions are extremely stylized in form. Winiama spirit animal masks are often so stylized that they resemble no recognizable animals. Villagers of Ouri, wear these masks during ritualistic masquerade ceremonies.


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