The DuSable Museum is a leader in community education, using core concepts found in African American Studies. The Museum’s educational programs are guided by the concept of Every Month is Black History Month, an effort devoted to deconstructing and reconstructing historic and popular narratives and centering the voices and experiences of people of African descent. In all its programs, the Museum celebrates the ideas and the ethics that are important to traditional  African culture.

Dr. Kim L. Dulaney is the Director of Education and Programs. Dr. Dulaney is an African American Studies professor, cultural critic, writer, and cultural consultant.


Like many of you, I have been struggling with thoughts and words to address the events that have recently impacted our nation and our great city of Chicago. Some of us may be shocked by the images coming through social media and news footage, but we should not feign surprise. If anything, we should ..

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Lunch & Learn

Folks are so busy working to earn a living and simply survive, especially during this pandemic, that there is little time to study political structures and candidates and records and whatever else is needed to make sense of the election. Lunch and Learn will offer an intensive crash course through ..

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Black Fine Art Month

Black Fine Art Month (BFAM), is the annual October celebration of Black Fine Art aesthetic and an annual recognition of those artists, innovators, collectors, and curators vested in the Black Art tradition. The celebration, was entered into the Congressional Record on October 4, 2019 by Illinoi..

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