Like many of you, I have been struggling with thoughts and words to address the events that have recently impacted our nation and our great city of Chicago. Some of us may be shocked by the images coming through social media and news footage, but we should not feign surprise. If anything, we should be asking why it took so long to face a reckoning that has been kicked down the long road of history, generation after generation. We have been sitting atop the tinderbox for a very long time, blowing out the matches tossed our way, but now we are — literally — out of breath.

Nothing about this is new to us as African Americans. Our communities always fare worse, no matter if the affliction is economic, medical, environmental, legal, political or otherwise.

CODE BLACK: Money and Power

Code Black: Money and Power     Money and Power “A race which cannot save

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CODE BLACK: Reparations The Earnest Apology

There are two annual freedom celebration days in the African American tradition. One occurs at the stroke of midnight on January 1st and the other is June 19th. Special Juneteeth Commemoration.

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CODE BLACK: Can You Hear Us Now?

History of Black Protest & Activism - Special Program Honoring The Legacy of Dr. Conrad Worrill.

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CODE BLACK: Can You Hear Us Now? Health and Healing During Crisis

Its seems African Americans have always had to grapple with the complexities of their existence in a society that has refused to acknowledge the wholeness of their humanity and value.

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CODE BLACK:  COVID 19 Caring for Equality: A History of Black Health and Healthcare by

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