Can You Hear Us Now?

Black struggle in America has the mic.  The world is watching.  In order to determine what we need to say or do next, we need to look at what has been said and done historically.  Then we need to determine what varied tools are available to aid in the struggle for liberation and equality, in this moment.

A conversation with scholars and activist who were all influenced by our recent ancestor, Baba of Black activism and organizing, Dr. Conrad Worrill.

Online Events

Conversation with Fred Hampton Jr.

Conversation with Fred Hampton Jr., Mama Akua Njeri, Attorney James D. Montgomery, Moderated by Professor Kim Delaney

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In Our Mothers’ Gardens

Dr. Kim Dulaney: Director of Education, DuSable Museum of African American History - Moderator   SHANTRELLE P.

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The Black Maternal Health Crisis Series: The Impact of Medical Racism

the DuSable Museum of African American History, Center for Health Equity Transformation, The Congressional Caucus On Black

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