Reparations: The Earnest Apology



There are two annual freedom celebration days in the African American tradition. One occurs at the stroke of midnight on January 1st and the other is June 19th. The first marks the point in history when the institution of slavery became illegal. The second day, June 19th, marks the day that enslaved people of African descent in Texas were made aware of the fact that they had been legally freed, but no one ever informed them.

This is extremely important , especially as we engage in an exploration of the notion of Freedom. What is it ? Has it been delayed for some? Has everyone been properly notified of rights to it?   Were systems ever altered to accommodate freedom for all ? Has anyone apologized?   Most importantly, were Reparations awarded for the atrocity that was slavery? On this Juneteenth, we will discuss the topic – Reparations: The Earnest Apology.

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